Whilst on the ferry heading to Visby I had the opportunity to reflect. Half a year has passed since Lena, Karin and I began to write the story of Ahrle Laurell & Partners. Anyone who has met us can attest to the fact that we are three strong willed individuals that love what we do. This, coupled with the fact that we had known each other for +10 years, made the leap into the dark unknown more like a coordinated jump of joy. Six months down the road we have had the great privilege of working with some truly great clients and supporting them in finding the best talent to lead their initiatives going forward. The connectiveness of a boutique firm translated to true business impact.


A core thing that brings us together is the ongoing search to make a difference. Being able to combine this with our craft is great, so when we were presented with the opportunity to support the board of Stockholms Stadsmission, the answer was a humble yes and thank you. In retrospect I do see how it might have, from a business point of view, seemed less than financially savvy for a new company to start out working with pro-bono assignments. Six months down the road, it was the best of decisions and gave us truckloads of energy which inspires how we build our firm.


Summer is here and with it, Stockholm has a visible change of pace. The ALP team will be taking this opportunity to embrace the spirit of co-working from various locations inside and outside Sweden as well as enjoy some extra time with family and friends. But as always, the shop is never closed and you can reach us anytime. We have a busy pipeline of projects and assignments running across the summer break and we always make sure we have the time to engage and listen, to our clients and network.


This week I’ll be in Almedalen so feel free to reach out, coffee is on me. Generally, the best bet is you can find me listening to topics on human rights, sustainability, environmental issues, digital innovation and retail.



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