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Family-owned companies continue to be a strong influence on the economy and have specific demands in talent sourcing, but are frequently challenged in finding a suitable leadership services partner. We at Ahrle Laurell & Partners have a broad approach and acknowledge the many competitive advantages of this unique ownership structure.

Our service offering includes executive search, strategic succession planning, leadership development as well as various offers in board services – including advisory regarding the key balance on how to best leverage the balance between family involvement and business needs. As a boutique firm, we take great pride in working with family-controlled companies and offer our extensive experience, the sharing of key insights and tailored solutions.

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Unique service offering for next generation succession planning:
As with each transition on key leadership positions, transition can be a challenging issue – but even more so for a family owned company when it might not be a question of who, but when, how and for what assignment. It is also an opportunity to redefine key objectives for a role as well as the overall strategy for the company.