Having spent over a decade working in executive search, and the benefit of for the length of this decade being part of a truly great firm, I get asked every now and then why take the leap and what the difference is transitioning from the big firm to a boutique firm setting?


A main reason why I decided to take the leap was a dream of mine to be part of building something. But as with most things it comes down to timing so when the opportunity came to realize this long term dream together with two great people I have the utmost respect for – the choice was simple. We also share one key thing which goes beyond delivering the very best leadership services; we feel it is our responsibility to always strive to make a difference. This can be expressed in many ways, e.g. by now most people know the time of the year when I for 4-6 weeks shed the suit and travel to my home away from home – volunteering for a wild life sanctuary in Borneo. But more on that later.


With the team approach as a core, it has been natural to combine our individual strengths and spikes for each project – staying continuously connected and having ideas flow freely without the encumbrance of barriers or the distraction of having to many parallel projects. An old saying is the challenge for a client in being the small fish in a big pond. In a boutique setting our clients and executives are always at our fingertips – so in a similar analogy we have a fish tank of selected clients, each one is always visible and as each one is unique we can follow their development and tailor actions for each step.


Many people who has visited our office comment on the energy, the visible passion and the true commitment we have for what we do. This always makes me smile, as the office is every day buzzing with activity it truly shows how much fun we have together. But, as much as we feel the success of our clients, we are also with them for every nook, road bump and curve throughout the process. Their success is what drives us forward.


As every company has a story to tell – I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of writing Ahrle Laurell & Partners’ story, and hoping it not only inform, deliver and engage, but that will also make an impact.


If you want to learn more about us (or about volunteer work in Borneo or the Amazon) don’t hesitate to reach out.



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