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Founded by Lena Ahrle and Karin Laurell and joining forces with Kjerstin Blomquist, Ahrle Laurell & Partners is built on more than five decades of experience and insights from executive search.


“We started Ahrle Laurell & Partners with the goal of building a firm based on strong values and a common drive to never settle, and always push ourselves to deliver above and beyond. At the centre lies the many clients and executives we have had the privilege to work with, a continuous source of inspiration”, says Karin Laurell, CEO & Founding Partner.


The market for professional leadership services continues to grow and change in ways most people never imagined. We at Ahrle Laurell & Partners see the possibility to distinguish ourselves from the crowd by using unique strategies and with a modern take on executive development, find the best solution for each client and executives.


“The future success for our clients and society is one based on equality and inclusion – a vision we have for almost 20 years strived to contribute to. The last few years we have been delighted to see a clear transition from speaking about gender equality to working with inclusion of competence and diversity in management. The business results speak for themselves – diverse organisations achieve better results”, says Lena Ahrle, Chairman & Founding Partner.


As businesses and organisations are continuing to transform and adapt to the new digital opportunities, Ahrle Laurell & Partners have the agility to swiftly adapt and be the disruptive innovator of the business.


 “Digital tools are changing in the way we work and communicate. Long gone are the days when a company could recruit a digital executive and rely on this person to be the go-to-person for all things digital. Instead, there is a need for all executives to embrace digital fluency in the same way as we have long viewed communicative abilities. For us at ahrle laurell and partners, this embrace of technology is a natural way forward” says Kjerstin Blomquist, COO. 


If you are interested in knowing more about the services we provide or have any questions, feel free to drop us a note on: info@ahrlelaurell.se

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